How to Plan for a Beach Wedding

Whether it’s a white wedding, church wedding or a tell-me-it-wasn’t- Vegas wedding, your wedding day is a memory that remains with you. When the right details come together, the result is a wonderful event that you play and replay at the weekend barbeque years later. If it is a poorly planned event, it’ll be a costly affair that cannot be forgotten fast enough.

A beach wedding is hardly a rare occurrence now. It’s a concept that blends exotic locations with fun vibes to get the best out of a special day. If you have settled on a beach wedding, you don’t have to lose the basics of a typical wedding. However, you need to plan ahead to stay one step ahead of any surprises.

One of the most important bits for the bride is the dress. A wedding dress will be your representative long after the day has passed.

1.    Dress for the weather

A beach wedding is only as beautiful as the weather on that day. Getting a dress that helps you stay comfortable throughout the ceremony AND after is crucial to the outcome. If your wedding is during the summer months, light breather material is your friend. This is the perfect time to experiment with length.  Beaches can get windy. Make sure the dress you choose doesn’t help you recreate a Marilyn Monroe moment.

2.    Dress for the after party

The formalities are done and dusted, and now it’s time for the post-ceremony festivities. Make sure you pick out a dress that allows you to move about and be warm at the same time. If the party is on the beach, a shawl is a classy touch since the beach can get a little chilly in the evening.


3.    Short rails are happy trails.

There is a high chance your wedding party will not be willing to carry your trail all day. Also, you do not need all that sand making you uncomfortable. You can go for a classic high-low dress. If you need detail on the dress, try playing with embroidered add-ons.

4.    Accessories

Having a wide range of options for wedding dresses allows you to also pick the best accessories for your dress. If you are looking for an opportunity to be queen for a day, throw in some tiara magic. You can opt for a flowery band instead. Keep it simple yet sophisticated with minimal jewelry.

On the shoes, heels are a no-no as they tend to sink in the sand. Depending on whether the event is formal or casual, a nice pair of flat sandals that complement the dress is a nice touch. In a more relaxed setting, you can choose to go barefoot. However, only go barefoot if the weather allows it.

5.    Costs

In this case, planning the value of your beach wedding dress isn’t just the purchase price. You need to factor the cost of travel, steaming or pressing, cost of last minute changes and cost of post-wedding cleaning.

The secret to pulling off a magical beach wedding is planning early enough. You should order the dress about a month in advance to allow for body changes or in case you want to try out a better look.