How to Shop for Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides

Its good news you are about to be a mother and your wedding is nearing too. How do you want to handle the two issues yet remain a happy bride on the wedding day? Choosing an elegant wedding dress for pregnant brides is your first step to feeling comfortable. Remember, the day may be long and tiring. Therefore you will want to feel free around the bump. First, you need to establish how many months you are in your pregnancy before proceeding with buying your wedding gown. Here we have listed a few points that will guide you in purchasing the perfect bump wedding dress.

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Choosing your wedding dress for pregnant brides

Considering you are several months in your pregnancy and the bump is showing, you need proper free clothing around the bulge to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

1. Good silhouette

Would you like to conceal or flaunt your bump? You may feel a little shy, and you don’t want your guests to find out about the growing belly. An elegant lace dress with an empire waist will serve the purpose. Lace dresses create a different illusion thus there is more focus on the dress than your tummy. Flaunting your pregnancy is a good choice. A slightly fitting gown on the belly will showcase the pregnancy.

2. Ball Gown Dress

Such kinds of dresses are ideal because of their nature. They are tight at the torso and flows down to the floor from the waist. Their large bottom makes them more ideal and may help conceal the pregnancy. The waistline should be a little high to allow you some comfort.

3. Tie up Back Lace

Remember baby bumps grow immensely and if you bought your gown month before the wedding, you need to adjust it to fit you perfectly. Tie back dresses are easy to fix without taking it to a tailor for additions. Loosen the laces to meet your current size. It is advisable to buy a size up to have a perfect fit on your big day.

4. Be simple

You are not limited to what you should wear. A comfortable dress is paramount to help you move around comfortably. A soft material will keep you comfortable throughout the day yet keep you looking lovely. You can also do away with a wedding gown and walk down the aisle with an elegant jumpsuit or custom made maternity dress.

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5. Do not Freak

Has your bump grown and the gown is not fitting you anymore? An expert tailor will make the right adjustments and have your dress ready on the wedding day. A collection of similar fabric is added to replace the button or zip area creating more room for the baby bump. Such corsets or additional panels are the best adjustments to make.


A blessing is along the way to crown your wedding day. Do not strain the pregnancy by trying to wear a proper wedding gown that will hurt the whole day. Keep simple and enjoy your day by wearing one of the wedding dresses for pregnant brides available in the market. Lastly, buy low comfortable shoes for smooth movement.