How to Wash Clothes Without a Washing Machine – 9 Easy Steps

It has been found that machine washing can greatly reduce the life of your clothing. Some fabrics are too delicate to throw into the washing machine, as a machine wash can end up ruining the fabric’s quality.

If you want to make your clothes last longer and maintain their appearance, you need to wash them by hand. Moreover, everyone should know how to wash clothes properly without the use of tools, as this skill will come in handy when traveling or in any other situation when you do not have access to a washing machine.

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9 Easy Steps on Washing Clothes Without a Washing Machine

Step 1: Get an agitator

Washing a pile of laundry without using any tools can be a tedious task. If you have to wash heavy items of clothing such as towels and jeans, you might want to use a handheld agitator. An agitator is a simple tool used for pressing and shaking the clothes while washing.


Step 2: Separate your WHITES!

When you take your dirty clothes out from the laundry basket, separate the white clothes from the colored. This makes sure that no color bleeds onto the white clothes and ruins them. Also, separate any light-colored clothing from darker pieces, and wash these batches separately.


Step 3: Put them into a bucket or container

Place your clothes into a bucket and spread them out evenly. Do not fill the container to the brink, as it will make the process of washing your clothes even more difficult. Get a second bucket to store the clean, wet clothes.


Step 4: Get rid of any stains using a pre-wash stain remover

If there is a stain on your clothes such as ink or ketchup, rub the affected area with a stain remover and let it sit for about 5 minutes before you the wash the piece of clothing.


Step 5: Add some lukewarm water and mild detergent to the bucket

Adding lukewarm water to the bucket ensures that the fabric does not get damaged, and no color bleeding occurs. Remember not to overfill the bucket with water. Add some mild detergent into the water and stir gently.


Step 6: Let it sit for an hour

Let your clothes sit in this solution for at least twenty minutes if not more, for the detergent to do its magic. If there are a lot of stains on your clothes, then let them remain in the bucket for about an hour.


Step 7: Gently swish your clothes in the water

Move or swish your clothes around in the water either using your hands or an agitator for 2 minutes. Remember not to scrub, as it may damage the fabric.


Step 8: Rinse using fresh tap water

Empty the bucket and fill it with fresh tap water, and continue swishing your clothes around in the water to remove excess detergent. Once all the detergent has been removed, it’s time to take the clothes out of the bucket.


Step 9: Dry your clothes

Gently twist your clothes to remove excess water and put them into the dryer or hang them on a clothing line to air-dry.

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This foolproof guide on how to wash clothes without a washing machine can help you prolong the life of your delicate fabrics and greatly reduce your electricity bills!