Increasing Trend: Popular Bohemian Style Wedding Dresses


“I would like a simple bohemian style wedding dress please”. How many times did we hear this sentence?
And what is all the fuss about?



Bohemian Influences

What do we call Bohemian? Historical and literary flourishes aside, the essence of Boho Chic is comfort, combining loose, free and flowing fabrics for a more relaxed style that still leaves nothing to be desired in terms of trendiness. Inspired by traveling gypsies of the seventies, such a look oozes a feeling of harmony and love for nature.

This particular dress matches every type of body, although ladies with a more hourglass and inverted triangle body shape are sure to feel in their element. Size does not matter: whether you are tall or petite, this piece will only complement your appearance, alleviating your fears.


Style your wedding

The mermaid silhouette will only enhance your features while the high waistline will make your legs appear longer. Skeptics and worriers may be concerned by their lack of curves, a fallacy that we would deny vehemently. Curves are universal, and this dress will only help to highlight that fact. Inversely, others may be concerned about having “too many curves” to fit in the dress. Worry not: the high waist will be accentuated while the flared bottom won’t be stuck to your legs so it will definitely fit into the category; wedding dresses for curvy women.


Shoulder lace wedding dresses

With floral laces, a V-neck and a small strap belt, this dress strikes the perfect balance between lightness and elegance. As for the long sleeves, they are perfect for a fall, winter and even spring appearance: you’re all set for the chilly weather ahead. A versatile, form-fits-all yet original piece of work that you are sure to find to your liking.


Wedding dresses 1970s style

With flowing sleeves that evoke the boho vibe of the 1970’s, you’ll feel like the ultimate flower child bride in our boho wedding dresses.
In modern use, the term "Bohemian" is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. 

Yes, "we're talking about a free-spirited" boho floral embroidered wedding dress that let your guests and bridal party "know that you're ready" to celebrate in a relaxed, yet beautiful style.
Bohemian dresses are already a must-have that we can’t live without every day, but they are far from mainstream in the bridal world.

So, be original and amazing in one fresh boho wedding dress. This dress will pair well with a fresh crown of flowers on your head for that authentic bohemian vibe.