Matron of Honor Wedding Dresses

Matrons of honor are worthy of every wedding and therefore have a lot of respect. Their dressing code is elegant, different from other maids and eye-catching to give her the attention she deserves. So, when shopping for her dress, the bride has to bear in mind this is her right-hand lady who will accompany her throughout the day ensuring all other bridesmaids are well directed. Though the dress is different from the maids, it should complement the wedding theme. Her style also is different, and the fabric may differ too from all other ladies.


Choosing the Matron of Honor Dress

Most matrons of honor are either family persons or close friends. It is a person the bride may have known for some years and therefore knows their likes and dislikes when it comes to dressing. Always give her the leeway to choose what she wants concerning style and silhouette. You may decide to go shopping together so that you help her choose a color that complements your theme.

1. Length

The first differentiating character is the length of her dress. If other ladies have short skirts, her dress is supposed to fall below the knee or flow to the floor. On the vice versa when the brides have long dresses, let hers fall below the knee. However, avoid skimpy clothing or a very tight dress that will restrain her walking.

 2. Color

A color that compliments the wedding theme is a perfect choice for her. It should fall very close to what other bridesmaids wear so that she looks different. Alternatively, go for color blocking only for her dress. Soft colors are endorsed as the perfect matron of honor wedding dress code. If the matron decides to have a similar color to the bridesmaids, her pattern should be different completely.

3. Style

Everyone wants a composed matron despite ones living style. Therefore, decency is observed in this particular dress. Her style is always different from other maids to accord her the due respect and easy recognition from the other ladies. An item of clothing that does not expose off her body is the right choice of dress to buy for her.

4. Budget

The bride should avoid choosing something costly for her matron. Be moderate and also ask her how much she can invest in this wedding dress. Always remember she has more cost to bear on accessories and her hair.

Remember her central role is to direct other brides, and she stands out from them all. Just like other bridesmaids, the matron should try out her wedding dress weeks before the wedding day. It will help her know where to make adjustments in the right time. Also, she should try walking around to feel if she is comfortable in the dress. Sometimes, it is essential to have a second option especially when one shops online and the suit does not fall within your likes.

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