Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bridal Shoes

Wedding preparations have few errors, but some are gross and avoidable. The bride’s preparations are delicate; therefore, she and the assistants should handle each detail at a time to avoid mistakes that are likely to happen. In every purchase of an item, the assistant should verify if it is correct and the bride will be comfortable during her day. One should pay more attention to the shoes since they will determine her posture and walking style of the day.

In most cases, bridal shoes are worn on certain events. Therefore, quality and comfort are the critical characteristics to observe before purchase.

1. Comfortable Shoes

The bride should feel comfortable and confident in her pair of shoes. Not being afraid of falling off or feeling a pinch at the toes. Avoid saggy shoes which derail her movement over the ceremony. On purchase, check out on all seams and if they are well done. Also, if there are fixtures make sure they are well fixed and not protruding to the inner side of the shoe. She should also make sure the inner sole is comfortable and absorbs sweat properly.

2. Fit the shoes before the wedding

Once the bride identifies her choice of shoes, she should wear and walk around to know if it’s comfortable. It also helps her familiarize with the possible walking style of the day. If the pair is not ideal, move forward and identify another pair of shoes that are comfortable. The bride should bring a picture of the wedding dress to help the attendant identify the correct type of shoes that go well with the choice of clothing.

3. Matching Shoes

The heel of the shoes should match the length of your dress. The range of the heels determines your height. Therefore, before the purchase of the clothing, identify the kind of shoes you want to wear. It will guide the shop attendant on the length of the dress to supply you. Also, an executive pair of shoes is what you need to look awesome on location and photos too.

4. Avoid shoes you will not wear again

Though you want to impress on this day, avoid shoes that are not wearable still. Remember, bridal shoes are an investment, and such money should not go to waste. Choose shoes that are wearable in more favorable occasions and your wedding anniversary too. 

5. Carry the second pair of flat shoes

During your pre-wedding ceremony and after that at the reception, you need flat shoes. Wedding occasions are rigorous, therefore; a pair of flats or elegant slippers is required to relieve you from the fatigue of your heels shoes after the long day activities.


It is essential to include the shoes from the initial budget because it’s a perfect guideline to how much one will spend. Before and after all preparations are done, the bride should test out if the shoes fit well. It is not necessary to walk out to the streets with the expected wedding shoe, but such small movements may be done in the house.

Fairouz BaliComment