Most Popular Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

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Color and pomp determine the mood of the wedding. While there may be several colors around the world. Not all are good for wedding themes, however appealing they  may appear. Choosing the right color is rather tricky but can be easy if well advised by a wedding planner depending on location and season. The colors for bridesmaids dresses should also complement the theme of your wedding determined by the flowers. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular colors described appropriate for weddings.


Appropriate colors for bridesmaid dresses

Let’s go natural and complement with mother nature. The green color stands out strongly in photographs. It also fits well in other occasions  thus making the dress usable for other events. You can complement the dress with a white or yellow lace to make it more spectacular.


The color has been associated with sadness in most areas. This strong color looks wonderful on many skin tones and an excellent lace dress will be excellent for your wedding. Black is incorporated in many occasions, therefore it can be worn over again.


Just like its name, these dresses are good for beach weddings. It is a perfect color for both the summer and autumn seasons. It is cool making the occasion look calm even on hot seasons. Also complements  the hair and skin tone too.

Bright Purple

Purple is a strong color with great dominance in most occasions. It is not only popular, but also a staple. Royal Purple has been worn in red carpet weddings due to its elegance and command. If you are looking forward to a queen like wedding, this a good color of choice.


The green shade color is cool in summer and spring seasons. It is a perfect complement on all skin colors and it blends well with gold, rose gold and white. However, an addition of a black ribbon or belt is a good match.


Gray color has always been a calm color that goes well in many occasions. It does not only fit well with the colors for bridesmaid dresses, but also a good choice for mother of the bride or the groom’s mother. It is a color for all seasons and blends perfectly with white.

Deep Blue

The blue color fall in many categories which range from navy blue that is perfect for all seasons,  dusty blue for winter and royal blue that  is ideal during summer. The color is good for both casual and formal weddings.


The light shade pink color is  a good choice for all seasons, but perfect in summer and spring. It is bright and complements most skin colors and hair too. It can blend well with other deep colors like green or black.


There are other color hues that make weddings look bright and lively. The choice depends on season and destination. The bride can have another color that blend the dominating color. Currently color matching is evident in weddings. This breaks off from the traditional way of having a similar color for all bridesmaids.