Must-have Prom Accessories For Your Big Night

Prom can be a daunting time. The dress choices alone can get overwhelming. However, whether you pick out a free-flowing elegant dress or a body-hugging little number, prom accessories complete your look and add to the glitz and glamour of your event.

prom acc 2.jpg


These tips should help you make the right choice when shopping for your ideal accessory set.

1.       Hair detail

If you are willing to be bold from head to toe, you have a few options for your hair. However, some hair accessories will depend on your hair-do.

You can choose to go with dried flowers, woven into a wreath to take the fun side of prom up a notch. Alternatives to this bold choice include bedazzled headbands or bobby pins. These hair accessories add an extra touch of femininity while still remaining functional pieces of hair accessories for your look. However, just remember to match the hair pieces with the dress.

2.       Earrings

Whether you go with small shiny earrings or dangling pieces, earrings can ruin a look or make it pop. Your dress choice and hair detail will be your yardstick for what kind of earrings you should include in your look. If your dress is detail-intensive in the neck and shoulder areas, go for smaller earrings that add only a smidget of detail to the ensemble. However, for strapless dress designs, feel free to throw on some dangly ear bling.

If you intend on having your hair up, show off your minimalist side with delicate earrings. However, if you want to have your hair down, your earrings- if included- should be making their own statement.

3.       Neckwear

Neck detail or lack of it is a prom accessory choice in itself. Since you want to maintain an air of elegance about you, the rule of thumb should remain all about balance.

With neck pieces, the options are dangly chandelier-style necklaces or compact choker-style pieces. The guiding principle here is striking a balance. You do not want a conflict of attention from your earrings, hairpieces, and necklace. Exposed necklines go well with longer necklaces. The bust detail in the dress should also dictate how much neck ice you put on.

4.       Bag

Clutch bags are a statement accessory that adds to prom night glamor. Like any of the above accessories, balance is key. The dress choice influences clutch bag options. The color of the gown should help you pick out what details you want on the bag. Hand jewelry such as bracelets goes well with most clutch bags. If you are keeping your wrists bare, consider using a wristlet instead. A wristlet maintains the sophisticated look carries your essentials, and you won't mistakenly leave it.

5.       Shoes

Heels may be the default choice when it comes to shoes. However, with the right choices, you can pair flat shoes with your prom gown and still carry the day. Sandals with dazzling buckles will fit in with the theme of the night. Metallic colored flats are also an accepted prom night accessory. While at it, make sure to show off that lovely pedicure. Just keep your toes safe during the dances.