How to Dress to a Baby Shower

Baby bumps are adoration to society. As you progress on your family and friends, look forward to holding a baby shower as a sign of welcoming the new bundle of joy to the family. The mother-to-be should invite family and friends to a tea party or lunch to announce she will soon have the baby. Although this is a small party one needs to look elegant because of the photoshoot session. A dress that shows off your baby bump and keeps you in good shape is a vital point to consider. However, it should not be very tight like you are competing with your flat belly friends.

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Mother-to-be Dresses

The mother's dresses are available in sizes according to how the pregnancy progresses. During this time of the baby shower, your baby bump will be showing and surely almost approaching your due date. Therefore, an elegant mothers dress or pair trousers is your perfect choice. Also, note the dress is comfortable to wear and smooth to your skin.

First-time mothers sometimes shy off from friends due to the change in their bodies. A flowered jumpsuit is appropriate for you. It will slightly conceal the pregnancy yet give you the elegant appearance you want. However, a dress with a fitting bodice and flowing bottom is a magnificent choice. You can also opt for a fitting dress from top to bottom. One can add more details to the dress like a pashmina or blazer.

The mother-to-be can use the moment to announce the sex of her baby. The color of your dress will speak out better than you can say it.


Guests Dresses

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The dressing code will depend on the type of invite. Also, the season is a contributing factor to how one dress to a baby shower. When called upon to a tea party, make it simple, elegant and half-formal. The same applies to lunch dates for a baby shower. It is important to honor your friend by being decent on this critical occasion.

Always dress according to the season. On the bright seasons, wear a dress with vibrant colors to make the event livelier. A short or long maxi dress is welcome to this occasion. An elegant jumpsuit or trousers is a decent choice too. If you are expectant and invited to the party, wear a mothers dress too to encourage your friend she is not alone in this journey.

It is important to honor the color code if called upon to do so. It is your friend’s special moment when she needs to capture her final journey with friends and relatives. The coordination also makes the pictures look wonderful.

It is important to liaise with friends attending the same party and organize on the best gift to her and the baby. Consider she is moving out of the baby bump to nursing. Therefore, buy her nursing dresses not the baby bump. You can also inquire before making any purchases about what she needs for herself and the baby.