Own the Dance Floor - Top 5 Tips on How to Dance In Pointe Shoes

Dancing ‘en pointe’ means to dance swiftly like a swan on your toes. This form of dancing is truly elegant and beautiful, but it is a skill that is not so easy to master. There is a lot to do before you can learn how to dance in pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are worn by professional ballet dancers when carrying out on pointe dance sequences.

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Tips to Become Ready for the On-Pointe Shoes

Before you go out to learn how to dance ‘en pointe’, you should know that there are a few risks involved. Since the bones in your feet do not develop until your early 20s, dancing in pointe shoes before you are ready can damage your feet. Dancers aged between 10-12 dance ‘en pointe’ when they have been given the permission by their instructors, but they are still at risk of some damage.

Before going out to buy your favourite pointe dance practice shoes, make sure you've done the following things:


1. Maintain Your Health

You shouldn't be ill or recovering from an illness and you should have an ideal body weight.


2. Ensure a Positive Attitude

Be ready to work hard and stay attentive. This form of dancing requires complete concentration and balance. If you want to be a dancer, you need to acquire some discipline and maturity.


3. Get a Good Teacher

If you don't already have a teacher you've been working with for several years, then you should probably not try dancing in your pointe shoes just as yet. The most important thing is to have a reliable professional to guide you and tell you when you are ready to dance like a professional ballet dancer.


4. Train in a good studio

Several years of training is required in order to be able to dance in these shoes. Make sure you are ready for the commitment.

You must be prepared physically and mentally. When you start you would notice how Dancing in pointe shoes is not easy, and it's best to develop some basic ballet skills. Keep in mind that without proper instructions, ballet dancing may be painful and can cause various injuries.

Now that you've covered the basics, it's time to buy the shoes! Go to a well-known store that sells good quality dance shoes for women. Ask for assistance at the store to help you in making the right decision. It’s best not to buy them online, as you won’t be able to try on the shoes to see if they fit perfectly. Make sure your dance instructor approves of them and ask them how you can prepare them for the dance.

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Begin the How to Dance In Pointe Shoes Journey:

1.      Sign up for a beginner's class

Your first class probably won't be that fun, so don't set your expectations too high. Beginner classes are necessary to help dancers gain the much-required strength to dance in a particular way. Wait patiently until you are instructed to wear your pointe dance practice shoes.

2.      Align yourself

Work long and hard at the Barre. This will prepare you for the difficult exercises. Make sure you keep your foot in a pointed position in your shoe

3.      Use your muscles

If you relax your muscles, you will probably just end up falling. Learn how to control the movement of your leg and abdominal muscles, in order to learn how to keep your balance. 

4.      No pain, no gain

Wearing your pointe shoes will make your feet hurt a lot in the beginning. However, you need to be mentally prepared to manage the pain. Remember to stop if you feel numb and make sure the blood is still flowing to your feet. 

5.      Pamper your feet

The pain will probably die down in a few weeks, but you need to take extra care of your feet. Soak them in some hot water after the practice for half an hour. Do not remove your calluses, as they are essential for dancing. Gently massage your foot instead. It is also best to keep your toenails at an average length


These steps are just to guide you on how to dance in pointe shoes. If you do get the approval from your instructor to begin, remember to keep these tips in mind and kill the dance floor with your moves!