Picking the perfect dress as your autumn wedding dress

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the main wedding season is over. However, more and more couples are choosing a wedding date in autumn. Autumn weddings certainly have their very own appeal and charm. Nature’s seasonal colors offer a multitude of decoration options and many times create a particularly romantic atmosphere. Picking the perfect autumn wedding dress can be slightly trickier.


The weather in many places is not as stable and predictable as during summer. In order for the bride to fully enjoy the wedding the dress should be as comfortable for a ceremony on a sunny afternoon in late September as it should be for the rest of the celebrations when it most likely gets a little chillier throughout the evening.

This makes a gown with lace sleeves the perfect companion for a wedding in autumn. The light fabric will not be too warm for a golden October day, but keep the bride covered in case the temperature is slightly lower. Depending on the preference, both ¾ and long sleeves look great and are well suited as an autumn wedding dress.

Besides the classical white, an ivory colored dress is a great choice for a wedding in the later months of the year. Especially if the wedding theme is aligned with the natural colors of the season ivory is the perfect match. On top of that an ivory shade will give the lace an even more romantic and elegant appearance.

So if you are looking for the perfect dress to get married in this autumn, go for lace.