Popular Mother of the Bride Gowns You Will Love

Some weddings are classified according to class, loyalty, business status or our role in the community. Therefore, you will find yourself looking for a formal mother of the bride gown due to the above descriptions. While many people will want to look natural and elegant, some mothers will come looking spectacular in suits or expensive clothes that correctly describe who they are and their role in this wedding. As the mother of the bride, you should feel proud and cherish every moment of the day for years to come. Such sentiments are achieved by dressing accordingly to the occasion.

We have different likes for dresses, but amongst these choices, you will find a favorable dress for her wedding. Being the mother of the bride calls for high profile dressing that gives the couple admiration of the kind of wonderful mother they have. Here are some of the dresses you will like.

1. Long Dress with Attached Cape

If her wedding runs to evening, you need a dress that matches the occasion. There are several such dresses in the market and will spoil you for choice. Long chiffon dress with an attached cape is one elegant choice. The sequins are well done on the cape together with the beads making it look elegant. Another alternative is a three-quarters sleeve long chiffon dress with an illusion neckline. An additional sheer and decorations around the bodice make the dress spectacular for formal evenings. The waistline is natural; thus it flows freely to the floor according to your stature.


2. Skirt Suit

We have seen weddings where the mother of the bride walks down the aisle wearing an expensive skirt suit. Such are witnessed in loyal marriages or highly known business persons across the world. But, even in our locality the mother of the bride can wear a formal skirt suit and look elegant during the daughter’s wedding. If your daughter is respected in the corporate world or is getting married to a respected corporate person, it will be an honor to wear a formal skirt suit. The advantage of such dresses one can wear it to the office on an official day.

3. Dress with Removable Jacket

The dress looks elegant, and one has the option of taking away the jacket after the service. The formal attire gives you the two variants of looking elegant both in service and at the reception. The jacket and bodice of the dress usually have all the decors to catch everyone’s eyes. The neckline is square suitable for corporate and formal matters. The waistline is natural giving the wearer a proper fitting.

A formal wedding is a norm, but usually, people tend to shy away from looking official on occasion. There is no harm in wearing the formal dress you choose for this day. As the mother of the bride, such an idea may come along due to the kind of life you have lived. However, avoid dark colors that are good for office and bright colors reserved for other occasions.

Fairouz BaliComment