The 4 Exceptional Formal Dressing Tips To Consider

Are you attending a formal function? Maybe it is a business conference, meeting, or your usual task that demand formal dressing. Your dressing code can make your approachable or look out of place. Also, people can judge you right from how you dress – intellectual or confused fellow.

Well, despite wearing official, you do not need to have an old school or dull appearance. Going for classy and elegant fashions can give you a unique and outstanding look. But this does not come easily. You must know how to make your formal dressing remain elegant. If you’re considering the formal fashion, here are four exceptional tips to consider:

Ensure your shirt or blouse seam line up with your shoulder ends

Your shirt seam is the first thing to consider in making your formal dressing outstanding. When considering a shirt, a blouse, or a jacket, consider the alignment of its seam and your shoulder. A good and fitting choice is the one where the seam is straight to the shoulder ends. You can test whether your cloth meets this principle by leaning against a wall or asking your friend.

If the wall hides the seam, it is too big. On the other hand, if a big space is present between the wall and the seam, then your shirt is too small. So, consider your seam positioning in your next visit to your designer.

Go for a formal footwear

Consider this: wearing a fitting suit and a sports shoe. How would you look? Certainly, you will be looking awkward. Though sometimes ignored, your shoe forms part and puzzle of your formal dressing. A matching suit must be in line with a formal trendy shoe. Your formal dresses are incomplete without a pair of shoes.

So, when shopping for formal attire, ensure you accompany it with a pair of formal shoes. Otherwise, a formal outfit with an informal or sporty shoe will give you an awkward look. Be formal from head to toe.

Test whether the shirt is too big, short, or tight

One reason why many people considered formal dressing as an old school is due to the outfit sizes. For long, many people did not consider the size of their formal attire. With this, they always resembled a cartoon. The size of your formal dress is the central determiner of your elegancy. Wearing too big or too tight shirt will make you appear unappealing or confused.

So, always test your shirts and jackets to ensure they are fitting. Avoid tight, short, or big outfits.

Consider jacket sleeves that show a bit of your shirt

Your jacket sleeves are the next thing to consider. A fitting jacket should allow you to show a bit of your shirt cuff. While no one will congratulate you for this, many people will discuss your dressing code. A jacket with oversized sleeves will become the day’s topic. So, ensure your jacket sleeves allow your shirt cut to peep a little. This way, you will look classy.

Your formal dressing depends on the size, and it fits with your body shape. Always ensure your outfit aligns with your body and everyone will board on your wagon.