The Top 4 Accessories to Match Your Formal Dressing Code

Dressing formally is one step. Your formal dressing is incomplete if you fail to match it with the right accessories. Your accessories make you formal outfit classy and elegant. They give you a new and admirable status. But this is only possible when they rhyme with your attires. However, it is tricky to choose a style and color that coordinate with your dress code.

At a time, you can pick a bright color accessory while your dress is calling for a dull one. Also, your accessories can be distracting and make you look misplaced. For you to remain classy, here are top accessories you need to match with your formal attires:


A handbag speaks out for every woman. Your bag selection determines whether you’re classy or old school. When attending formal function, you need a bad that fit for the function. Do not carry your shopping or cocktail party bag. Instead, a clutch bag that is not bright can be a good idea. Also, your bag should share some elements with your attires. Do not pick a black bag and red attires. This way, you will appear confused or misplaced.


Jewelry is the next definition factor of your formal outfit. When considering jewelry, pay attention to color and metal type. Your jewelry colors should coordinate with those of your dresses. For instance, a solid-colored dress can match well with multi-colored jewelry. However, this jewelry should contain shades of the dress color.

Similarly, if you wear printed or multicolored formal dresses, you should consider single-metal jewelry. Note: it is recommendable to make your jewelry visible to give your audience a nice touch.


When dressing for a formal event, wearing a belt adds a classy look to you. A belt is your waistline make-up. It is a building block to your image. However, you should not pick a slimming belt and think it will make you stand out. For formal dress code, a slim belt that aligns with your belly button.

Also, ensure it matches with your dress. A slim belt is a good match a black-colored dress. If you love red dresses, you should consider a wide black belt. Remember, if you wear long necklaces, then consider doing away with a belt. Having the two accessories can make you look awkward.



Do you work in an air-conditioned house? Or else, it is autumn or winter season. These seasons are cold. A scarf is a good companion. It is one of the must-have accessories when attending your official and formal functions. During the winter-autumn season, you need to consider a velvet or satin scarf. When the summer comes, you can replace it with a silk or chiffon scarf.

For formal events, consider a black, white, grey, or cream scarf or shawl. These colors help you to remain professional and avoid unnecessary distractions. So, do not forget to choose a shawl that fits with the current season and dressing code.

In a word, your accessories should be in line with your formal dress code.