The Ultimate Guide on How to Dress for a Vintage Fashion Show

Have you been invited to attend a fashion show recently? If you’ve never been to a fashion show before, the first question boggling your mind would be, “How to dress for a vintage fashion show?”

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Coming up with a great outfit for the fashion show might seem like an overwhelming task, however, it is not as difficult as you might have perceived. This is the best time to wear your favorite pieces to showcase your personal style.

In order to make a good first impression, you need to adopt the minimalist approach. Try keeping the look a bit casual instead of going for an extremely formal outfit. Remember that you need to opt for a polished and classic look.

Here we have compiled a few tips to help you put together the best outfit for a fashion show:


Statement Tops

Wearing a statement top will put all the emphasis on your blouse, so make sure it’s a good one. Try experimenting with different styles and colors, such as off-the-shoulder tops and bell-sleeves that look modern and chic. The main factor that makes a blouse stand out is its material. If the fashion show is during the summer season, cotton and poplin will be the best options. If you want to give a polished and classic look to the overall outfit, a silk or satin blouse would make for a perfect choice! If you are looking for something fancy, you can also opt for high fashion maxi dresses that will look absolutely gorgeous paired with the right accessories.


Jeans in Various Cuts and Styles

If you’re planning to attend a fashion show to promote your personal brand or for work purposes, then a pair of trendy jeans would come in handy. It will complement your statement blouse and will give you a polished look. Try wearing a pair of jeans that has a tailored fit to it, instead of opting for casual ones.


Statement accessories

Try pairing your outfit with statement accessories such as clutches, coats, bags and belts to complete your look. Small and sophisticated clutches or bags are a popular choice for fashion events and look extremely classy. Make sure that the clutch is not overly embellished. If you want to experiment with different colors, try opting for bold-colored clutches.


Block Heels

Skip out on the stilettos and opt for block heels that will be a comfortable choice for fashion events. These will look chic and classy, and will go well with the theme of the event.

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These tips on how to dress for a vintage fashion show will help you put together an ideal outfit for the fashion event, allowing you to showcase your personal style in a unique manner.