The Ultimate Guide to Tying a Wedding Sash

If you are looking for ways to add some life to your plain, boring wedding outfit, pairing it with a wedding sash might just do the trick! Though wedding dresses look glamorous on their own, sometimes brides want to add a personalized and unique touch to their outfit, which is why they opt for various accessories. Adding a wedding sash to accessorize your outfit can add that extra oomph to your overall look.

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Brides who want to opt for a classic look on their big day often choose to pair their outfit with a gorgeous wedding sash. There are various types of wedding sashes or wedding belts available in the market, including embellished, embroidered, and beaded ones. Wedding dresses with belts look great on women with an hourglass body shape, among others, as it accentuates their best features and places all the emphasis on their beautiful curves.  If you have chosen a lacy dress for your wedding day, a wedding sash embellished with rhinestones and crystals is an add-on that is bound to the capture the hearts of the guests.

However, most brides do not know how to tie a wedding sash properly, and struggle with tying the perfect bow. Therefore, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the perfect look without putting in too much effort.


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Step 1:
Wrap the sash or belt around your waist and cross the left side onto the right one.

Step 2:
Now you have to wrap the left side under then over the right one. At this point, the left tie should be hanging over the right one.

Step 3:
Now grab the right tie that is lying under the left one, and fold it to form a small loop.

At this moment, you will be forming a basic bow tie shape by tucking the loop you created in the right tie, under the left one.

Step 5:
Wrap the folded loop and tuck the left tie behind it, and then pull through the loop to form a basic bow.

Step 6:
Pulling both the loose ties will help in tightening up the bow and securing it in place.

Step 7:
Keep adjusting the ties until your desired bow shape has been formed!

If you are still confused and want to get a more clear idea of how to tie a bow, click here. This handy guide on how to tie a wedding sash into a beautiful bow will enable you to master the art of tying a wedding sash or belt without requiring too much effort! So go ahead and splurge on your favorite wedding sash to make a bold style statement on your big day!