Tips for a Hassle-free Mother of the Bride Shopping

The mother of the bride has been always the next person, one wants to see the bride. How would you like your mother to look on your big day? Mother of the bride shopping should be done with extra care putting all details in place that will make her look elegant. Let the cameras roll towards her due to her royal appearance that is undoubtedly professional. Her dress, accessories and hair are key factors to observe and ensure they are a perfect fit for her.

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When to do Mother of the Bride Shopping

1. Start Early

Shopping for mother of the bride is not an easy task. One needs ample time to get the right dress for her. Six months before the wedding is an appropriate time. This time the bride has chosen the bridal colors and therefore, she will have an appropriate color for her mother. Such a long period of time is good to allow adjustments be made where necessary and clean the dress too.

2. Color Hue

Keeping the wedding color palette on point is important for the bride. You will not want your mother to look at the theme on this day. A color close to the bridesmaid or a color that blends well with their dresses is acceptable. You should also make your mother is comfortable with the color you choose. It is important to invite her when doing the shopping so that you get the right fashion that she will be comfortable wearing.

3. Accessories

What does your mother like for accessory? This is an important point that tends to be ignored. Her jewellery, shoes, handbag, belt if required, hat or other items should match her dress. If you have a traditional wedding, let her have something that is close to the theme that makes her feel part of the wedding party.

4. Hair

A bad hair day can ruin your mood even in the most joyous event. Make your mother look the queen of the day by giving her an elegant hairstyle. What she chooses as her style should be done by a professional stylist. The headpiece should go with age too. Don’t let your young looking mother wear a gear that looks better on an elderly mother.

5. Budget

Everything works on a budget. How much do you plan to spend with your mother? Remember this is a one-day event. Keep your budget minimal to what you can afford. Avoid buying items that she does not like. It is your wedding day, but make an investment for your mum on what she can wear again in future.



Before you go shopping, talk to your mother and let her give you an idea how she would like to wear and appear on your day. You can show her a collection of photos that you have and she can choose from there what is good. However, do not go against her will by buying what she doesn’t like. Keep her accessories simple but elegant. Remember, no matter how much you love her, some colors are reserved for the bride only.