Tips to Have a Romantic Winter Wedding

Gone are the days’ when the weddings would take place in the summers and spring. Now, most couples are opting for winter weddings. With the beautiful white snow covered roads, and complimenting white and gold interiors for the wedding, its like the perfect setting for a glorious event of your lifetime! Winter weddings seems to be an exciting affair, but, to be keep things moving smoothly, read on to know the dos and don’ts for the romantic winter wedding.



Think Out Of The Box

Holiday seasons are usually a cocktail of whites, reds and greens. However, you wouldn’t want to look like everyone else on this exclusive occasion, would you? You need to think out of the box. The wedding décor should be different; it’s not a Christmas party your guests are attending. Let the theme be a brilliant cool and icy blue or an Aqua themed décor to compliment your bridesmaid dresses; you can also go with the typical Rustic Gold palette in everything you choose for the interior and to compliment it all, order a customized theme cake to awe the guests! Why not create a tropical wonderland for your guests to beat the winter blues? It is worth the thought. But remember, hire professional service providers if you are going for anything out of the ordinary to maintain a classy look!


Dress Your Bridesmaids Elegantly

Bid goodbye to the old-school rules of wearing so and so fabric on the weddings. It is time to create new rules, and new designs. Since it is a winter wedding, you’ll probably be having an indoor event. Consider the environment and the hall setting before you go deciding for a long or a short bridesmaid dress design order. If it’s an outdoor wedding then Satin long dresses with silk shawls would certainly look glamorous and chic. You can play with all the dark toned colors and choose the most extravagant of fabrics to give an outstanding look to the beloved bridesmaids!


Cozy Reception for the Romantic Winter Wedding

Your reception area should be warm and welcoming. Since the sun goes down earlier in winters, the candles can, and will create a romantic glow just at the beginning of your reception. To make the atmosphere cozier, consider adding lush and soft textures. How about a velvet ribbon tied around the napkins, or cozy maroon throw pillows in the sitting area? Sounds comfortable, right? Imagine how welcome your guests would feel. Serving hot chocolate would certainly let the guests calm down from the jittering cold outside.

Make sure the reception area is big and roomy enough to accommodate all the guests easily. Do not forget that the dance floor can heat up the things. Ask your wedding manager to turn the heat settings down a notch to cool things down. However, if the reception area has different thermostats for different areas, ensure that the dance floor thermostats are a few degrees lowers than the rest.



Create a Backup Plan for the Event

Your receiving strategy should be planned ahead so that none of the guests are left outside in the freezing temperatures. If your reception space has a long corridor, make sure you are there with your spouse or your bridesmaids are welcoming them on your behalf. Let the manager of the occasion know how you want your guests to be welcomes and placed preferably with a hot welcome drink, to make sure that everybody remembers this event for long. Winter weddings are enchanting but certain measures have to be taken if the weather is known to be unpredictable in that region.

Professional service providers would create a strategy for such emergencies and would always have a stand by placement in case there is any need to relocate the guests.

Once all of the above is decided, go ahead and relax as you have to look amazing on your wedding day. Winter wedding occasions are photographic heaven for the photographers. Let the white background and the glittering dress of your make the occasion charismatic this winter. We are sure that people will remember the event for a good long time!

Happy Winter Wedding!