Top 6 Accessories for Every Lady

There are days when every outfit you put on feels bland. Other days you feel like something is missing. Relax, such days should not mess up how good you think of yourself. To compliment your outfit and enhance your looks, you need to employ some accessories. Here is a list of top 6 accessories that every lady should own.

Before we explore the list, it is important to note that sometimes less is more. Overdoing your accessories can land you in deep fashion crimes.


Besides enhancing your appearances, sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from the snare of the ultraviolet radiations. Shades make it easier for you to walk under the sun without straining your eyes. Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

·         Buy shades that completely block the ultraviolet rays.

·         Before settling for a pair, always consider the shape of your face.

·         It is important to note that darker shades do not necessarily mean protection.

·         The color of the sunglasses does not matter as long as it blends well with your skin tone.


Every lady own must own a classy scarf(s). Scarfs play superman’s role on bad hair day. A little secret that no one might have told you about mufflers is you can rock a scarf with any outfit. All you need to master are the different styles of wearing a muffler.

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Bags are like friends; you can never have too many. How true is it? As a woman, you can never underestimate the power of having a bag. It adds glamour to your outfits and also plays the role of a house to your belonging. When shopping for your bags consider different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ballet flat shoes

You adore their high heels, but you cannot always be in them. There are days you will need flat ballet shoes to complete the look and add glamour to it.  The surprising fact about ballets is that they are not only comfortable, but they go well with any outfit. Talk of jeans, dresses, suits and even skirts.

Statement necklace

Take a moment and imagine a piece of statement necklace resting on your neck. Do you love the look? Statement necklaces never disappoint. They always have a magical way of bringing a different twist to outfit. Please note, when wearing a statement necklace, it is advisable to keep off hoopla earrings.


Not only does a watch add glamour, but also it adds class to a look. We are in an era where a good percentage of the people have entirely ditched watches. Watches bring a personal touch to one’s look. Do you prefer dainty watches to big watches? The choice is all yours.

The beauty with accessories is that you can never have too many. Too much of anything is poisonous. In the accessories world, less is more. Another thing to note is that you do not have to break a bank to buy accessories. Look out for stores (physical and online) that offer the best bargains.

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What are your favorite accessories? Feel free to share.