Top FOUR Reasons to Go For Destination Weddings!

Often newly engaged couples have trouble figuring out what their ‘perfect place’ to tie the knot is. These days the trending of selecting a destination wedding is creating hype. People are going for something of a unique experience to make their special day more special. There are tons of reasons why destination weddings are perfect and why you should wed away from home:

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  1. The World Is Your Oyster

 Having a destination wedding puts you in more control of where you want to get married. You can say I DO anywhere you want, instead of being bound within your hometown, making the whole occasion extra special and a lot more memorable!

  1. You Can Cut Down On the Guest List!

Why should one choose to be wed among a bunch of old colleagues, neighborhood acquaintances, and extended family members to be a part of their magical experience? When a couple is on board for the idea of a wedding away from home, they become less obliged to invite people they do not really care about. It becomes an exclusive invite only event! And even if they do invite too many people, it is much less likely that they would attend. Without the odd uncle and the grumpy boss, the celebrations would become more intimate.

  1. Quality Time with Your Faves!

A destination wedding is just a fancy word for an awesome vacation with the people you love the most! If you have loved ones who live far away, it’s the perfect excuse for all of them to come together to a vacation spot and finally spend some quality time away from home. You can party hard and get some great pictures for your wedding album!

  1. Leave Your Worries Far Away!

With a wedding far from home, you leave it to your wedding planners to manage everything. There’s a lot less for you to do, saving time for you to relax and really enjoy the experience instead of stressing out about it. Usually such locations provide a complete package, making it a whole lot easier for you.


Now although a faraway wedding sounds amazing, most people back out of it because of the costs. It is true that having a destination wedding can be expensive, but it does not necessarily have to be. Here is a list of a few easy destination wedding packages that will not leave you broke:


  1. Jamaica: It has a lively atmosphere, the locals are too kind, and the beaches are beautiful. It has resorts that offer all-inclusive wedding packages. To top it off, it is also a great honeymoon spot.
  2. Costa Rica: This is a very adventurous place to have a wedding. You could do all sorts of fun activities like zip lining with your loved ones at affordable rates.
  3. Sedona, Arizona: This location will give your wedding a rustic feel and is an amazing place to exchange your vows!
  4. Hawaii: This is a popular place for a destination wedding. Since it’s so beautiful and romantic, there are many affordable packages for people on a budget.
  5. Las Vegas: This is one of the most entertaining cities in the world. There is no chance that you or your guests would get bored. Imagine the parties and fashionable outfits!


These are just few of the locations, but the world is full of many more exciting places to host your wedding. It all depends on your preference. Don’t let anything hold you back from having the wedding of your lifetime!

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