Trending Homecoming Dresses in 2019

Finally! Your homecoming is a few days away. It has been a long wait. It’s now time to get ready for the night. You need to be as beautiful as possible. The ingredients of a perfect homecoming night include an ideal dress, well-done makeup, shoes that compliment the dress and a lovely hairstyle.

Girls are now shopping online and in stores for the best homecoming dresses available in the market. In this article, we are determined to make your selection easier by keeping you posted on the trending homecoming dresses in 2019. It is important to note that, regardless of how trending your dress is, you need to consider your silhouette before settling for it.

Off –the- Shoulders Dresses

Off the shoulder, dresses have been in the market for some time now, and you can bet they are not exiting the market any time soon.  The dress top the list of the most searched dresses on Google. If your body allows you to wear one, go for it! Be assured you will be all gorgeous and trendy.


One Shoulder Dresses

If your school code allows you to show some skin on the upper body, a one-shoulder dress is perfect. Also, if you don’t like showing your legs, these are the best dresses for you. Talk of a satin one-shoulder dress, perfect for the night? Right? The sophisticated look will earn you a lot of credit among your peers.


The thought of a two-piece attire might sound a little odd to your ears, but wait until you see it on a body. Gorgeous is an understatement. Many two-piece dresses comprise of a crop top and a flowing skirt. In most cases, two-piece attires come with a lot of glitters and the skirt has a split in the leg. If well accessorized, you can imagine yourself looking like a goddess on your dance night.

Welcome Back Pink Dresses

For some season, scarlet and ruby dresses have enjoyed the privilege of being the preferred choice, but little by little pink dresses are making their way back. You can never go wrong with a light pink dress. A pink dress paired with glittering accessories, the glamour is undeniable.

Lace Back

If your school code does not allow bare backs, don’t worry. You can always do a lace back. Front lace has been more common than the lace back, but the tide is quickly changing. You should expect to see more and more lace back dresses in the market. If you decide to go for a lace back, please make sure your hairstyle doesn’t cover up the lace as it might end up messing the look.

Floral Dresses

Young girls can never have enough of floral dresses. It breaks the monotony from the usual satin and lace dresses and gives a chance for one to have a different look. If you decide to go for floral prints, consider prints that are not overpowering.

Final Thoughts

You are now loaded with information on the trendiest homecoming dresses in 2019. The ball is in your court. Choose a dress that flatters your figure and adheres to the school’s dress code.