Trends when Shopping for Junior Bridesmaids

Who will be your junior bridesmaid in your wedding? What is their age, height and body size? These are some of the factors to consider before you go shopping for the junior bridesmaid. Junior bridesmaid dresses should not match those other bridesmaids and their style should appear unique too. These young girls ranging from the age of ten years and not beyond sixteen years. However, their height and body size may make them appear more mature than their age. Therefore, when shopping for their dresses and accessories, choose what is best for that particular age.

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A guide to Shopping for Junior Bridesmaid

It is important for these girls to wear what is appropriate for their age. Do not buy them dresses that make them appear like full-grown girls. However, if you want the fashion to match let the style of their dresses to be different.


1. Dresses for Junior Bridesmaid

Dresses showing so much of the skin are not appropriate for junior maids. There should be a more coverup along the shoulders and also the length of the dress. Their sleeves should be more detailed rather than leaving them bareback or strapless. A Y-neck dress, thin straps, one shoulder dress or the standard sleeveless dress is a great idea for their dresses.

2. Shoes

Girls look good in low shoes or slightly high heel shoes. The shoes may have additional details like a flower or rhinestones which makes them look more presentable. Glitter shoes and crochet shoes are some of the choices for junior bridesmaid shoes. However, the choice of shoes may be determined by the weather. It will be a wise choice to have them wear closed shoes in the winter and open sandals during summer. The location of the wedding is a determinant of the kind shoes they should wear on your big day.

3. Accessories

The girls' headbands, clippies or tiaras should have a girl appearance on them. More accessories include their bags or purse that should match their dresses. They should not be something that will bother them, therefore, a sling bag will be more appropriate.

Buy good inner wears that do not show their lining on the dress. It is also advisable for the girls to wear stockings which make them look more beautiful.

4. Budget

Buy for them, something they will wear quite often before they outgrow the dress or shoes. Therefore, keep the budget very minimal and wisely. It is important to ask the parents what their girls love wearing before purchasing the dresses.

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Many brides choose the dresses for the girls leaving the parents with no suggestion to make. Some junior bridesmaid, already knows what is appropriate for them. Consult with the parents before you make your choice of dress and agree on a particular design. Unlike the bridesmaid where they have different styles, junior bridesmaid should have uniformity in their dressing.