Wardrobe staples for summer

Being trendy is every girl’s desire regardless of the season. The summer season is here, and you are determined to remain stylish. Your wardrobe needs essential items that will help you ease the high-temperature season. Here are summer staples that every girl should own.

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Do you want to complete your summer look? A pair of sunglasses is a must-have. Not only are the sunglasses fashionable, but also they help protect your eyes from the harsh Ultraviolet rays. There is a vast variety of styles when it comes to shades. Choose the style that suits your face shape best.


 You don’t want to deal with sunburns this summer. Your skin needs protection from the harmful sun rays. Hats are perfect for the beach, picnics and walk under the sun. When buying a hat, consider the following factors:

·         Your personality- Every outfit should bring out your personality. Hats are not an exception.

·         Your face shape- Select a hat that matches your face’s shape. Different face shapes go well with varying styles of hat.

·         Material- hats are made from different materials from wool too straw. Hats made from the straw material are ideal for summer since allowing ventilation and help regulate the temperatures.

·         Make sure it fits your head. You do not want to buy a hat that can barely fit your head.

·         Color- The choice of the color is all on you. You can choose to be guided by your skin tone or the color of your outfits.

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Tote Bag

A large spacious bag is a must have this summer. There are essential items that you need to carry with you all the time. The items include sunscreen, a pair of shades, drinking water e.t.c

Comfortable shoes

Who loves sweaty feet? I’m sure you don’t. With the summer heat, you might want to ditch the closed shoes and replace them with strappy sandals. Sandals are ideal for keeping your feet aired and prevent overheating. Also, they give an elongated appearance to your legs.

Tank tops and Yoga pants

Tank tops are ideal for indoors and outdoors. Just like friends you can never have too many of them.

Cotton yoga pants are smooth and friendly to the skin. They protect your skin from tan.


Are you a dresses lover? Summertime is dresses time. You can choose from short dresses to a maxi dress. The prints and colors are up to you to be as creative and bold as you wish.

Other items you might want to consider include; denim shorts, plain t-shirts, and culottes. In addition to having the wardrobe essentials, it is essential for you to keep hydrated and apply some sunscreen to protect your skin.