Wear the right Mother of the Bride Dresses

The mother of the bride needs to look elegant as the bridal party. She should not outshine the bride but be at the same level with the bridesmaids or a notch higher. There is a great selection of color and design in the market for mother of the bride dresses. The bride has a key role in helping the mother get the correct shade of color and a perfect fit. Several guidelines can help one choose the right dress for her daughter’s wedding.


Color Palette

It is critical to wait for the bride to select her theme. This will be a good guideline on to what the mother should wear. Her dress should not be similar in fashion or color to that of the bridesmaids. However, a close color shade or a shade that will match to the bridal party is acceptable.  A color close to what the bride will wear should be avoided. The bride should guide her on all formalities required.


The choice of venue may have some effects on fashion and style. You should put into consideration, weather, religion or cultural matters likely to be observed.  If your choice is a strapless dress, you can add a jacket of beautiful wrap that can be taken off during the reception. The most important points to note are, the dress should be elegant and appropriate.

Right Timing

Traditionally it is the mother of the groom who communicated to the bride’s mother on the dress code. This has changed, and the bride’s mother has to get her dress first before sending over the message to the groom’s mother. The search of the dress should start as early as three months before the wedding. This will allow time for alterations and laundry if required. One can choose to collect the dress from the local stores. The budget should favor both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom.

Be Supportive Regarding Mother of the Bride Dresses

The bride needs to help out the mother on her shopping list. Do not be harsh and criticize what she selects. Let her be the first to give her opinion of how she feels about the dress. If there are corrections to make, do it warmly. Most mothers will prefer a dress with an element of covering the shoulders and arms. If you opt for a sleeveless dress, you can purchase something for cover up for her comfort. Her shopping should be more fun than a stressful event. Once you are all settled on the perfect dress, congratulate her and tell her how amazing she looks in the dress.

No Rules or Restrictions

There are no rules restricting the mother to hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and shoes for this occasion. Also, she chooses when to go for the hairdo though the daughter can advise her best way to style her hair. Remember the day is critical to the mother. All the collections should be done well with the right choice of color. The most important argument here is a dress that fits perfectly with the proper selection of accessories.