Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Your Big Day

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Have you been planning to have a unique wedding? Wedding ceremony ideas are a creativity of the bride and groom according to the presentation they want on their wedding day. Such ideas are meant to bring more glamour to the wedding and sometimes add as a surprise to the guests. Whatever the idea is about, let it be moderate and easy to accommodate. Some of these ideas include the dressing code, decoration, unity ceremony, gift packs amongst others. 

Here are five ideas that will make your wedding extraordinary.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas for You

Dress Code

Most weddings are formal and want to look classic. There are a variety of dressing codes that are available yet you have your dream wedding in style. The grooms do not necessarily have to be in jackets and ties. Breakdown to nice pairs of jeans with exclusive casual shirts. If you will have your wedding in winter, order similar casual jackets that go well with the jeans.

We have seen so much of bridesmaid dresses in stores and online shops. Some of them are a one time wear. The bride should consider buying dresses that can be worn on other occasions. Denim bridesmaid dresses are available and make a good combination with the groomsmen jeans. You can choose to have a whole denim dress or jackets combined with another type of material.


There is a lot of live floral work on wedding days. The bride and maids need not carry these flowers. A special woven bridal flower is excellent to have a unique wedding. The bridesmaid can avoid carrying the live flowers and opt for clutch purses. It is more interesting if they carry lanterns that will brighten up the reception at night.

Floral decorations are the best for the isles. The idea can be unique by making some art on the ground. Draw some love hearts or write names using different petals. This idea may apply well to outdoor weddings. Closed door weddings can buy the idea of petals well laid out on a carpet.

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Unity ceremony

Tying the knot ceremony is symbolized by the traditional rope whereby the newlyweds tie the fisherman's knot meaning unity. Better ways have been invented of sand mixing, water mixing, exchange of flowers, candle lighting, and tree planting amongst others. They all symbolize the growth of your love and commitment to each other. Some of these activities involve the family members too.

Change into different attire

During the service, the newlyweds may want to look formal. After the recession, they can change into something unique and yet keep the wedding mood. The activities are more vibrant, therefore, the bride can change to low heel shoes to enable her to participate fully. The bride's dress should remain white, however casual the occasion may appear.

Gift packs

How do you appreciate your guests during your wedding? There are a variety of gift packs that you can give. If your wedding falls in summer, make wedding programs that are similar to a fan. It will help them keep cool. You can offer handkerchiefs, or thank you card that will remind them of this occasion.


There are more ideas that will make your wedding look brighter and unique. Your wedding planner will need to be resourceful and implement the ideas effectively. Do not be overwhelmed by wanting to be unique in all ways. Mix with some art of the current state of weddings to accommodate the guests fully.