Wedding reception exit songs

Choosing the right wedding reception songs need to be guided well. There are different types of songs to play, but this should be done at different times. Wedding Reception songs are only performed once the couple is pronounced as husband and wife. The couple has a choice of the best songs to play on this day. This may also depend on the location of your wedding. The genres you both love and remind you of your life together are a good combination. Traditional wedding songs that have remained as hits are welcome. Their popularity embraces the entire bridal and guests you have.  There are factors you need to consider when choosing your music.


Choose a theme

Create a better cohesion by collecting songs with a similar tempo or from the same era. There is a better flow when the theme is similar. You should have read the lyrics before the wedding day. The message should only address this particular day. The message in the songs should be conveyed to your guests about what you want to communicate to them. Avoid songs that may create feathers for your guests.

History and location

Every love story has a history. The songs you have both loved to sing together or one partner loves most is a perfect choice. You may also want to remember situations you bypassed victoriously through a love song. The songs particularly dedicated to both of you may be played as instrumentals. The location also may determine the type of songs to play. If you are on a religious venue, they may be conservative about the songs you play. Always consult if there are restrictions so that you have the right collection. You need to know the rules and regulations to follow once you recess. There are restrictions on loud music in some areas. Your wedding reception organizer needs to be updated on such matters.


Recessions songs should bring about celebration after tying the knot. You can choose to go for surprise songs to your guest or partner. Include a well-known gospel song that brings about jubilation to the guests. There are oldies, yet they are goodies. The vintage songs bring an upbeat mood during the recession. Songs played in the 60’ 70,’ and 80’ are a good addition to your list. Do not leave out the contemporary hits if you want to look modern. The current songs can be played by live artists if possible. Here you can include the pops and quirky songs to keep the youngsters lively. Country music has had the best hits for the longest time possible. These songs will keep the guests calm as they listen to the thoughtful lines that remind us of sweet love.


Recession celebrations start once the couple is declared husband and wife. These songs progress on to the last event of the day. Keep the guests and bridal party entertained by having the right songs. If you are not good in music, seek the help of a qualified DJ who will guide you and play these songs on your day.