What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If you have been invited to a summer wedding and you are not sure what to wear, we are here to help you out. One thing that can never be contested is the fact that you want to look as gorgeous as a wildflower. In this article, we explore the options you have, and without a doubt, you will be informed enough to make a brilliant choice.

Before we explore the options available, let’s look at some factors to consider when choosing wedding guest dresses for summer.

·         Follow the dress code: The invitation cards will always guide you on what the groom and the bride want you to wear to their wedding. For example, if it is a cocktail event, a short dress that finishes at the knee is considerable. If it’s a black tie event, then a floor length gown is preferred.

·         Follow the theme: If you want to look like the red sheep in the flock, one sure way is not to follow the theme of the day. A wedding is a special day for the couple and following their wish for the day would be the least you can do. As you choose your dress please keep the theme in mind.

·         Don’t forget to accessorize and polish up: To complete your look, you will need appropriate makeup and accessories. Don’t let your look be dull. Remember, you will be dressing up for a celebration and not a job interview. Make sure you have some fun dressing up.

Having looked at some factors to consider, let’s see how you should dress for different weddings.

Vintage Summer Wedding

If you have been invited to a vintage summer wedding, you have to go for a classic style. A traditional silhouette should inspire your dress. Consider vintage materials like lace.

Country Wedding

A country wedding revolves around simplicity and elegance. It gives you a chance to dress for an outdoor event. You are free to try any color of your choice, but it is advisable to keep away from white unless it’s a request from the bride and groom. Floral prints have a place in this kind of wedding.

Being a country wedding, you might have to walk on dirt and grass. Therefore, a nice pair of wedges or blocked heels will come in handy.  Please note, if you decide to wear a maxi, make sure it is not too long to keep dragging on the ground. You don’t want to deal with a messy, stained dress.

Beach Wedding

The beauty of beach weddings is that they are extremely casual. You can wear just about anything but keep away from denim. Something light and flowy would be ideal for this kind of an occasion. If you are the kind who enjoy walking bare-feet on the beach, consider wearing feet accessories. A beautiful pair of sandals will do you justice if you don’t prefer walking bare-feet. The beach is not the place for heels.

Looking all gorgeous for any wedding should be your goal as a wedding guest. Please don’t forget to dress appropriately. Go for a dress that brings the best in you and provides a decent cover. If your arms are too bear, consider using a beautiful light shawl.

Jessica MillerComment