What Wear to a Homecoming Dance

Deciding what to wear to a homecoming dance is stressing and time-consuming. Can you imagine feeling out of place during your homecoming dance just because you couldn’t get the right dress for the occasion? That is awful, and no girl deserves to have such an experience. This article provides information on what you should wear to homecoming.

Unlike proms, homecomings are less official. Imagine what kind of freedom that gives you.  Here are some factors to consider when settling for your homecoming dress.

The school’s Dress Code

Some schools are extremely strict with their homecoming dress code. The rules are usually set to ensure that teens maintain their modesty. Some schools go to the extent to dictating how short a dress can be. Baggy clothes are not allowed to the dance; hence, you need to go for something that is fitting. Before settling for a dress, it is essential to make sure you go through your school’s guidelines. You don’t want to spend money on a dress that you might end up not wearing to the event.

Go for Colors that Compliment your Skin Tone

Can you imagine wearing a dress that conflicts with your skin tone? That would be horrible! It would make you feel out of place, causing you not enjoy the occasion.  If your skin complexion is warm, go for colors like red, gold, fuchsia or even coral. If your tone falls to the cooler side, colors like purple, blue, or even silver will do it justice.


Do you have a Date?

If you have a date, match your dress color to your date’s shirt or tie. For instance, if you are in a purple dress, your partner can be in a purple shirt or tie. If you don’t have a partner, your clothing can match to your best friend’s dress in a different shade.

Consider your Height

If you are short, wear an empire dress.  The seam below the bust makes your waist look taller, which in return makes you appear taller. Pair the dress with the highest heel that you can comfortably walk in.

Do you want a Feminine Look without a Dress?

Do you know you can dress in a feminine way without wearing a dress? Yes, you can! A dressy jumpsuit is what you need to achieve that look. Pair your jumpsuit with a nice pair of heels or a pair of fashionable sandals. It will give you the classy, feminine look that you need.


If you are in dire need of a dress, but you don’t have much money to invest in one, you can always shop at a resale shop. Many girls wear their homecoming dresses just once, and you might be lucky enough to find someone who is selling her dress.

A homecoming outfit is more casual than a prom outfit. In adult life, it is the equivalent of a cocktail party dress and the focus is fun. Go for an outfit that shows your fun side and exposes a little of your formal side.