What You Must Know When Selecting the Flower Girl Dresses


Having fitted the entire bridal party with their dresses including the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and even the evening dresses, most people give little attention to the flower girl dresses. Remember, the flower girl is an essential part of the success of your big day.

The flower girls walk just before the bride, showering you with rose petals. You do not want a situation where you flower girls trip over her long dress. Not a good picture for your wedding and among the reason why you need to make the perfect choice for the flower girls dress.

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Choosing the Flower Girl Dresses

In selecting the flower girl dresses, it is crucial to consider factors such as the size of the girl while being aware that children grow fast, the style of the dress, and the comfort of the dress. The flower girl dresses should match the style of the bridal team while at the same time they are fantastic and comfortable for the sweet flower girl.

Comfort is a huge factor to consider when choosing the flower girl dress. As most of the flower girls’ age is between 3-10 years, keeping them in distress due to itchy fabric and trim will not work best and might create an embarrassing moment. I bet an irritated or whining flower girl is nothing close to what anyone wants for their supposed-to-be flamboyant day, especially not in front of the cameras. It is therefore vital to be conscious of the comfort.

The fabric quality should be another consideration for a wedding event. Most weddings take quite some time for the exchange of vows ceremony and the reception part. It is therefore essential to pick a choice of dress that remains neat and with no wrinkles.

The color of the flower girl dresses should fit the theme of the wedding. While some may choose a different color due to the preference of the parents you can add other accessories such as bows, ribbons, or sash that matches the bridesmaids' dresses, therefore, toning down the sense of wild colors in the flower girls' dresses. 

We all love young children for their innocence and energy. It is essential to do this in full consideration of the season of the year. This affects the color, design, and fabric used for the flower girl dress. Summer weddings may be excellent with flower girls fitted in light and even sleeveless dresses. Wedding in winter should be concerned in keeping the flower girls warms during the wedding ceremony and therefore dresses need to be long sleeved and with heavier fabric.

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So, make a perfect choice for the flower girl dresses for the sweet and adorable little girls walking down the aisle on your wedding. Select darling dresses for them as they a crucial part of the success of your wedding ceremony. Be creative and dress the flower girls perfectly and we will always remember how sweet your wedding was.