Why the Mother of the Bride should wear a unique color

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Are you planning to have a wedding soon? What color have you chosen for your mother? There are several colors available, but not all are good the mother of the bride. Choosing the right color requires one to do extensive research according to your color hue. She should not look so off the hue, but also she should not wear something similar to the bride or the bridesmaids. Her style should also be unique, therefore; she will get the attention necessary on your big day. In here we have discussed the excellent colors that will be good for your mother.

Choosing the right color for the mother of the bride

When going shopping, request from your attendant to display the colors available for mother of the bride. Some of the known colors that are excellent are Wine, Charcoal, Navy and Champagne. However, there is no limitation to these colors. You can get more coordinating colors like Royal Blue, Eggplant, Plum, Sage, and silver amongst others.

Some other factors that will determine the color are location and season. Sometimes, the class of guests you have invited may have an effect on the dress too. Some colors are best matched in some seasons thus making the dress look brighter. A silver dress will look brighter in winter and so will a wine color dress in summer. If you are highly respected in your corporate work and expect your seniors in your wedding, let your mother look elegant in that color that speaks more about you.

A good choice of traditional with mismatch colors is elegant for her. Since this is your wedding day, choose to go shopping a month before the wedding to get the right color that will not disappoint you.

Colors to avoid

White, ivory, and cream are not appropriate for the mother of the bride. These colors are close to the bride’s gown and will steal the show from her. Also, avoid colors that match the bridesmaid dresses. Her dress should have a unique color that is not close to either of the two parties or another dominating color in the wedding.

Colors good for bridesmaid dresses are not good for mother of the bride dress. Sunflower, canary, pinks and coral colors are best described for the bridesmaid. However, you can choose a deeper pink color that will go well with her dress. Avoid her having a similar style or fashion with the bridesmaid.

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Choosing of colors may seem tricky, but with good advice from a fashion designer, you can have the best color range. Some mothers, however, feel they need to look youthful and will want a bright color that almost similar to the bridesmaid colors. She can break such colors by wearing a sheer or a jacket that matches the color but in a deeper hue.