Why You Need A Fit and Flare Wedding Gown

The fit and flare wedding gowns commonly known as the mermaid wedding gowns are ideal for the curvy ladies who wish to flaunt their gorgeous figures. They are fitting from the bodice way down to the hips and knee area and then flares down to the floor. The neckline is designed according to the bride’s desire but all designs look perfect since the areas of interest is around the waist and hips. In most cases, the flare is let loose with a large piece of fabric which makes the train.


Choosing your perfect Mermaid Dress

Girls are curvy in different ways, and therefore not all mermaid dresses are excellent for each bride. The bride needs to take proper measurements of her body before buying her gown. Such requirements are then sent over to the sellers who recommend the right size for her which need less adjustments or none at all.

The fishtail of the dress is customarily made according to the bride’s choice and may run long behind her forming a beautiful tail and around like shape at the front and sides of the gown. It is a perfect choice of a red carpet wedding that last long in one’s memory.


Mermaid wedding dresses have a more significant advantage over other wedding gowns since most materials are suitable to make them. The most common fabric is lace made from the bodice to the knee area and tulle finish at the flare. However, more brides have opted for a full lace dress with motifs that makes the dress look executive.

Satin is also common and has a good finish of embroidery. It can have an added lace finish with motifs to give it more glamour. Due to the addition of lace feature, the flare part may have a tulle finish or lace that complements the satin material.


Mermaid wedding dresses are known to have some of the best decorations for wedding gowns. Beaded lace motifs are one of the most common decorations. You can select the best design you like, and your tailor makes it custom made for you. Crystals, sequins and other shimmers are also a part of the decorations that make the dresses look elegant. The crystal buttons are typically used over the zipper closure to conceal the area.

Some of the necklines and back are completed with an illusion plunge which gives them an exclusive finish. A better decoration on these types of dresses is the horsehair edging finish on the flared skirt.

Girls love dresses that flatter their figures, and mermaid wedding dresses are always a preferred choice of dress. The silhouette complements curvy girls regardless of their body size. The neckline and back designs are made according to the bride’s likes and desires. However, some brides have opted for closed back with halter neckline. Brides looking forward to purchasing this type of gown should not worry about the cost because they are available at a pocket-friendly price. You can also find the dresses in white, light gold or ivory.

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