Why You Should Have Prom Activities

On the prom night, there are other many activities you and the guests can participate. These can either be during the party or after the party is over. While planning, you need to ask the organizers about the proposed entertainments. It is a useful guide on what to wear as your prom dress or prom shoes. You will also give an excellent guideline to your friends on what to expect. Some of the activities will need a changeover of dresses after the party, therefore, doesn’t dictate about the second wear.


Excellent activities for prom

Since you are stepping out of high school, you are allowed to play some of those games you loved so much. Your guests too will love hopping around in these kinds of entertainments.

1. Beach Party

People who live near beaches will like this idea most. Once you are through with the party, proceed to the beach where you can have water games, swimming, and hold a few party drinks. It is refreshing after a long day or night of dance.

2. Have a night long gift vouchers

To keep your guests in place and entertained, have an option of gift vouchers for every activity participated. The competition ranges from dance competition, reverse musical chairs, twisted musical chairs conducted by the DJ. Every winning participant gets a small gift with a promise of a grand prize at the end of the party.

3. Selfie Station

Photos bring back memories of older days. Therefore, this station is a must-have on your prom party. These young ones have a lot of fun taking pictures with friends and as couples too. Make a beautiful background of the photo booth and include more prom accessories to make it fun. If you had a specified theme for a prom dress and prom shoes, this is the best area to capture the memoirs.

4. Movie Corner

Teens love movies and setting up a corner for them is a great deal. Have a good collection of movies youth love and some light snacks to have during the film. The movies are either new releases in town or particular ones with prom message. You will need a beverage dispenser to keep the guests more entertained. First, confirm with the school authorities on any licenses that are required to have a movie station.

5. Huge Man-hunt game

It is one of the most entertaining games. Create some groups of people and go out hiding on the neighborhoods. Make sure no one trespasses or disturbs the neighbor’s since it will give you trouble. The participants will need to change from their prom dresses and prom shoes to other clothes to make it more fun.


A prom party is not all about lectures on what to expect after high school graduation. You need more fun activities to participate after the entertainment is over. Both indoor and outdoor activities are fun depending on the organiser. You need an exceptional DJ to play music whereby music is need over the event. A fair and just coordinator is required to set the rules of the game.

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