Why You Should Own a Kentucky Derby Hat

Ladies look stunningly beautiful in Kentucky hats thus the need to have one in your wardrobe. The fascinator hats are worn on occasions like an evening, weddings, funerals, parties and other events as an accessory with formal attire. One common theme of these hats is the roses. A splendid hat outstands the dress. Therefore, you should not worry much about what you wear but concentrate more on the hat that leaves a story about you. The details on the hat talk more about your personality. While some people will opt for one big rose on the hat, others will include colorful ribbons and lace or feathers to look more spectacular.

These hats are usable on different occasions; therefore, you purchase what is appropriate accordingly. The main essence of Kentucky hats is the beauty that improves your upper area. You can also use it to conceal your hair that you wish not noticed by people. However, at some weddings and funerals, it’s an identity of whom you are to the bride, groom or the deceased.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Bridal Purpose

The mother to the bride or groom has a unique way of being identified by wearing the Kentucky hats. They either can match the dress or has complimenting colors to their clothing or the wedding theme. Theirs may be improved by a beautiful rose with ribbons and not covering their face area for natural identity. The hats also give a sign of confidence and respect command.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Parties/Evening

Like many other accessories worn during an evening party, so is the hat that improves your outer personality. Sometimes, it is a dress code in high-end parties whereby people display their royalty and loyalty to the host. In other parties it an accessory that one wants to flaunt on how elegant one looks from their normal daily life. Since this is a happy occasion, a hat with feathers and eye-catching colors is an ideal choice to wear.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Funerals

The mood is solemn, and therefore, black Kentucky hats are commonly used during such events. Mostly the widow or close relatives wear the hats for identification and looking elegant. The hats are not too large but sizeable for one’s head.

Kentucky Derby Hats for other occasions

These are good on sunny days and a day at the beach. Straw hats with a decoration of satin or colorful stripes are the right choice. One can also opt for sisal hats with a bow tie. Also, a striped paper-blend sun hat is a perfect choice for a day out.

Most Kentucky hats have their originality, and you may wish to have one custom made just for you. Such sentiments are useful when going for a girl’s fun-filled day whereby each girl wants to be identified differently with what they wear. You may ensure the hat remains in position by safely securing it with pins that hold on to your hair. During fun days, the larger the hat it is, the more pretty it appears. Therefore, each lady has a choice of wearing a big Kentucky hat full of different decorations that makes it magnificent. Though this is a tradition of wearing these hats, there is a custom believe that it brings good luck too.

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